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Twining with Luxury and Sustainability

The idea of sustainable living has gained popularity in recent years due to twining with luxury and sustainability, and for good reason—the idea of addressing human needs and improving quality of life while avoiding adverse effects on the environment is only marginally relevant in light of the impending climate crisis.

Ideal urban dwellings should be environmentally friendly while still catering to the community and individual lifestyles. However, it’s a myth that eco-friendly housing has to sacrifice elegance. The concept is that one must give way to the other. An ideal residence unit can be both opulent and energy-efficient, to the contrary of that notion.

In reality, the building industry is undergoing a similar transformation to the luxury products business, which is focused on the culture of fusing luxury with sustainability.

Hash Mall, is at the epicenter of this transformation in homebuilding. Hash Mall, a neighborhood 20 minutes outside of central Islamabad and 30 minutes from the New Islamabad International Airport, is an example of how luxury and sustainability can coexist. The building structures at Hash Mall, which are made up of residential and commercial units, represent the cutting edge of sustainable architecture and environmental design. The idea of saving precious resources like water and electricity served as the foundation for the creation of the opulent shops and apartments that make up the Hashi Group of Companies.

The modern Hash Mall is a stunning addition to the highly desired Living arena of Bahria Islamabad, which is strategically located between the twin towns of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The high-rise is situated in Bahria Phase 8’s Business Hub, which has a direct connection to the GT road. Hash Residency’s exceptional position assures an unprecedented footfall in addition to easy access from all major neighborhoods in the Islamabad-Rawalpindi metropolitan area.

The project has also received RDA approval, confirming its position as one of the safest commercial investment options in the vast metropolis.

  • Here are a few of Islamabad’s most notable sights that are close to Hash Mall.
  • GT Road: one-minute commute,
  • T Chowk to Rawat: 5 minutes by car,
  • Saddar to Rawalpindi in 10 minutes by car,

Hash Mall in Islamabad is present at the heart of Bahria town phase 8 also close to the well-known housing communities of Askari I and Askari II, as well as Giga Mall and Jacaranda Club. As well as having quick access to the campuses of prestigious educational institutions and well-equipped medical facilities, Hash Mall residents will benefit from these amenities.

It’s also important to note that Hash Mall’s residential and commercial property values are anticipated to rise significantly as a result of the 64-kilometer Rawalpindi Ring Road project’s approval.

The ultramodern Hash Mall development will stand out against Islamabad’s fast-changing urban landscape. It will be a sight to see.

The 20-story high-rise, which has all the newest amenities and services, has modern European-style architecture that perfectly complements its gorgeous interior and verdant surrounds. Hash Mall’s perfectly planned shopping center, opulent hotel, and stunning residential flats guarantee visitors looking for a dream house in Islamabad a great yet relaxing experience.

Hash Mall is an investment that’s worth every penny because it’s the ideal fusion of top-tier luxury, refinement, and style. The mixed-use complex has a construction that can withstand earthquakes to safeguard the tenants from natural disasters, a private deck with a beautiful view of the spectacular Margalla Hills, and a 3-story underground parking garage just for the residents and guests of the hotel flats.

The massive mixed-use development will also provide numerous entryways for guests, tourists, and locals.

Here are a few of Hash Mall’s most commendable qualities that help to make it the best project for business investment in Islamabad.

  • Continuous security and CCTV monitoring
  • Continuous power supply
  • Controlling temperature with an HVAC system
  • A system for power conservation backed by AI
  • More than 800 automobiles can park safely in a basement.
  • Superior finishing
  • The best level of concierge service
  • Modern conference and meeting spaces
  • A shopping center including retail establishments for both domestic and foreign companies
  • Large, attractive hypermarket
  • Thriving food court
  • Hotel apartments have their own terrace.
  • Restaurants and options for excellent dining
  • Multiplex theatres
  • A health and wellness facility with a gym, pool, spa, and sauna
  • Children’s play area and gaming arcade

Hash Mall offers a variety of business and residential properties for sale, such as:

  • Hotel condominiums
  • Shopping centers
  • Outlets in food courts
  • Kiosks
  • Stylish studio residences
  • 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom flats are available.
  • Penthouses with two levels of luxury

The Hash Mall residential units are completely booked because of their incredibly low pricing. However, there is still very little supply of office space and hotel suites up for grabs.

For individuals interested in purchasing a property in Hash Mall, Hash Developments has also developed a straightforward payment schedule. You simply need to put down 30% to reserve a residential or commercial unit in the development; the remaining balance can be paid in 48 monthly installments. Another 10% will be paid on possession.

There you have it – all the reasons why Hash Mall is the perfect project for investors looking for commercial investment opportunities in Islamabad.