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Top Real Estate Projects In Islamabad And Rawalpindi

The real estate sector in Islamabad/Rawalpindi is one of the most promising sectors in Pakistan. The twin cities are not only the capital of Pakistan but also home to many foreign embassies and international organizations. Due to its prime location, the real estate sector in Islamabad/Rawalpindi has always been a hot investment destination for both local and foreign investors. 

If you are thinking of investing in property in Islamabad or Rawalpindi, there are many options available to choose from. However, with so many projects on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. The following are some of the top real estate projects in Islamabad/Rawalpindi:

Top Real Estate Projects In Islamabad

here we will discuss the top 5 real estate projects in twin cities

Top 4th – Taj Residencia 

Sardar Group of Companies, a well-known market name, is about to present you with their newest Taj Residencia project. Taj Residencia is the most contemporary and up-to-date civilization in which to reside. To demonstrate the company’s efficiency, consider its most successful project, The Centaurus. The Centaurus Mall is the epitome of elegance and sophistication. The Taj will be as magnificent as the Centaurus, if not more so.

RDA has previously authorized Taj Residencia’s NOC (Rawalpindi Development Authority). Any society’s NOC makes it 100% legitimate and eliminates the possibility of fraud. Because it is close to I-14, it falls within the authority of RDA. It may redefine luxury and live an extravagant lifestyle at Taj Residencia.

Top 3rd – Amazon Mall

Imarat Group of Companies launched its project under Amazon Mall in Islamabad. The aim was to provide customers with an easy-to-shopping platform where they can buy all their favorite products online without having a physical store nearby. The Amazon Outlet Mall is a sleek, high-end mall on Islamabad’s main GT road. It features cutting-edge construction and stunning interior design with two-word descriptions: contemporary architecture and ingenuity.

The best part about this place is all its amenities; there’re restaurants galore as well as other attractions such as shopping shops but also lounges for relaxation or socializing including spas & gyms if you need some time away from your hustle of life. This mall offers a great place to spend time with the family. Your kids can have fun on their playground or enjoy some food at one of the many restaurants in this building. Amazon Outlet Mall will be ideal for those who enjoy shopping from various local and worldwide brands. 

Top 2nd – Hash Residency

The Hash Residency is a Project by Hashi GoC that offers a unique opportunity for investors. Hash Residency is a community landmark in terms of luxury living, featuring well-designed and equipped Hotel Suites & Apartments filled with facilities and hosting the greatest brands in the twin cities. Most apartments have been sold, and construction is already underway, with the grey structure completed.

The Hash Residency prioritizes diversity and inclusivity, encouraging uniqueness and innovation. Hash Residency entails scanning the upgraded amenities for properties that fit all of your requirements. Apartment amenities include any unique or gratuitous feature and service provided to residents.

Top 1st – Hash Mall

Hash Mall by Hashi GoC is a unique shopping Mall where every item is made entirely out of novelty and innovation. Located in Bahria Town Phase 8, offers a huge eco-friendly number of facilities in a project that has never been seen before infrastructure development moves one notch up, keeping the project’s foreseeable future in mind.

Given the increasing importance of this location in the future, Hashi GoC needs to be a part of it to have positive investment experiences in the Bahria Town brand, and Hash Mall is ready to deliver superior residential units to our target market with all the amenities and all-inclusive shopping place.

Real Estate Investment in Pakistan holds great potential as the country’s economy continues to grow steadily. Islamabad and Rawalpindi are great options if you’re looking for a place to invest in real estate. The twin cities offer a variety of options for investors, from high-end luxury apartments to more affordable housing developments.

One must do proper research before making any decisions about where & how to invest their hard-earned money to get the best possible return on their investment. With this blog, we tried our best to provide some information on top real estate projects currently underway in Pakistan so that our readers may have a basic understanding of each project before making any decision.

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