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Top Investment Companies in Islamabad (Real Estate Market)

Top Investment Companies in Islamabad (Real Estate Market)

These days investors are finding top investment companies in Islamabad in the real estate sector to invest their money in the right direction.

The booming development and construction projects in the past few years have helped investors in starting their businesses in the real estate market. The industry has been on a continuous roll due to the increasing population’s greater demands of residential and commercial areas of living.

Moreover, the influx of population to the cities because of employment opportunities and better living conditions is causing the expansion of the already existing residential and commercial areas. For that reason, many investment firms and companies have started their business to help the investors in pouring their money in the right place.

The sector has grown widely in the cities and has contributed to boosting the economy of the country. These companies and firms have been trying to revolutionize the real estate market with innovative selling, buying, or renting techniques. These companies present facile investment opportunities and offer better projects to invest in.

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) have been a new way for companies and investors to invest the money collectively, in a single project of residential or commercial development. Apart from this, some companies and firms work as sales and marketing partners for various projects and help in sales.

One other factor is the presence of property agents or the smaller business areas where private property agents deal with the property selling, buying, or renting. However, these property agents are not approved by any government institution most of the time and the results are property frauds and negative dealings. Investors lose money if they do not invest with the trusted partners

The Arrival of Online Property Firms

Most recently, the arrival of online property consultancy, buying, selling, or renting firms has caused the industry to grow with an unmatched growth. Contributing 2% to the economy of Pakistan, the sector is worth around $1.5 trillion to $3 trillion in Pakistan at the moment.

So, the market with such a huge contribution to the overall GDP of the country has lots of investment growth opportunities for the investors if the money is invested in the right projects with the right and trusted investment company.

Investment Companies

Following are some top-of-the-line companies and real estate firms that can be trusted investment opportunities:

  • Hashi Group of Companies
  • Agency21 International  

Hashi Group of Companies

Hashi Group of companies entered the real estate market in 2019 and till now Hashi has launched 2 projects with the name “Hash Residency” and “The Hash Mall”. Both of these projects are in line with all the exclusive facilities and amenities that you might need for a comfortable yet luxurious living. Moreover, their investment guide is easier and property consultancy is clear, trustable, and most importantly transparent.

Hashi GOC has a firm named “Hash Real Estate and Builders” that aims to provide all the consultancy and is responsible for the sales of units. Additionally, it also provides property selling consultancy as well. The best thing about investment with Hashi GOC is that they offer high monthly returns on investments and their monthly installment is also very easy.

Moreover, they offer investment as minimum as 8 lacs, which provides the opportunity to investors from the middle class to own a residential or commercial unit. Hashi GOC has been working diligently to maintain the best standards of corporate culture and most importantly revolutionize the real estate market with trust, transparency, and better ways for client consultancy and advisory.

Agency21 International  

Agency21 International has completely changed the dynamics of the real estate market in the past few years with exclusive marketing and some top-notch projects. Agency21 works in collaboration with Imarat and They have been trying to remodel the real estate industry while adopting better strategies and better real estate professionals.

One of the most important factors that help them grow and stand at the top in the real estate market is their comparative market analysis. It allows them to study the changing market dynamics and sustainability of various development projects and then project their business in the best ways to their investors and clients.

Moreover, Agency21 International facilitates property sales, purchases, and renting while covering all the legal processes and documentation. is the first online property portal where investors have the option to buy, sell, or rent out property in real estate market. has completely revolutionized the real estate sector with all of its property portals and authentic listings. For the majority of Pakistani population, is their first option to check properties and market for any kind of business in the real estate market. Moreover, provides all the legal procedure help and documentation process assistance.

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