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The hash mall


The Hash Mall

It is going to be the next living landmark in Asia’s largest society. The Hash Mall is the mix of commercial and residential projects. This mega ground plus 17 storey building offers shops, spacious offices,  luxury 1, 2-Bed Studio and Duplex Apartments and Hotel Suites.

A Project by the Hashi Group of Companies:

This excellent wonder is presented by the Hashi Group of Companies, a well-known name, having a track record of bringing revolutions. The Hash Residency is a big sign of its remarkable performance. The Hashi Group of Companies has won the title of a trend setter due to its highly attractive profile. The positive initiative has left many positive impacts on people’s lives in terms of Investments & lifestyle. Hashi GOC has brought many investment opportunities for the local. And as well as foreign investors with attractive returns. Moreover, the unvarying quality & devoted work of the company has made its separate identity.

Landmark of Living in Twin Cities.

The Hash Mall is going to be the next landmark of living in twin cities. The latest architecture & modern design is the great sign of its elegance. Availability of abundant amenities. And unique features makes it prominent among others. The Hash Mall offers a true means of living, it is a great step toward the richer lifestyle that meets the international standard of living.

Prominent location:

This amazing project is being constructed in the heart of Bahria Town, phase 8, Rawalpindi. So, Bahria Town is Asia’s popular housing society and it gives a perfect & peaceful place for living. More-ever Bahria Town offers an ideal society with a well-planned and organized structure. The Hash Mall is going to be a value adding feature of this well-established society.

Amazing Investment Opportunity:

This project has brought numerous investment opportunities for those who have money in hands. And looking for profitable investment to get high returns. The Hash Mall is the current hot spot in the Real Estate market. As The Hash Mall is in its development stage yet so the investment rates are quite affordable and successful . Moreover, it is passing through numerous development procedures.

Perfect Features:

The Hash Mall is giving the following unmatched amenities:

Tennis Court




Kids Play Area

Food court

Infinity pool

Tennis Court:

The Hash mall includes every element that can raise the standards of living. The wide and green indoor tennis court of the hash mall is the place to double the fun of living demonstrating your sport talent or polish your skills.


The Hash Mall, through luxurious Cineplex brought an ultimate entertainment world of imaginations in your lifetime. It’s a redefined cinema experience to have a great time with your friends and family. A wide and HD quality screen going to gives you the most realistic and amazing experience.

Food Courts:

Shopping is a pretty engaging activity and a person definitely craves for food after it. The Hash Mall is giving the best food courts along with the exposure of elite lifestyle. An eye-catching view along with the digitized and air-conditioned environment completes the shopping fun.

Kids Playing Area:

Another amazing amenity by The Hash Mall is its multi-featured Kids Play. When you are busy shopping, your kids can enjoy their time in the play area.

Indoor play areas provide a safe environment for children to play and are ideal for most modern moms. Who want to keep their kids away from tablets and smartphones.

Amazing Family Entertainment Center for people of all ages!


By keeping the demands and needs of the people in consideration, The Hash Mall is giving rooftop helipads to make helicopter landing safe and operational at all times. Availability of helipads is a big sign of its elegance and standard living. This glittering architectural marvel in the middle of Bahria Town, is more than just a stunning mall. Therefore it is a symbol of modern Islamabad. There’s no better way to arrive at an iconic residence having birds-eye-view of the city.


To understand your health and beauty needs The Hash Mall is offering the top best. And well-organized beauty & as well as health care sections. No doubt Fitness and Healthy life choices are very crucial to maintaining a good lifestyle. The gym and SPA provide top-notch workout and skin care services offered by highly qualified professionals.

Enormous Car Parking

The Hash Mall includes a wide area of indoor parking in the basement that is safe and contains all kinds of facilities for its customers. The visitors & residents can enjoy separate parking zones to eliminate the element of interrupting.

Investment Options


The Hash Mall offers 1 bed residential apartments where luxury meets the standard that you deserve. So It will give all you desire for in your comfort zone. All the elements have been added to make it a perfect living.


The new fusion of modernism has been discovered here in 2 bed apartments in the Hash Mall with immaculate design coupled with first-class. And unmatched amenities where performance speaks for itself.


It offers spacious 3 bed Apartments having all the comfort. That makes them a real heaven for you with your family. The lush interior & contemporary designs are the sign of work excellency.


The luxury innovation in studio apartments. Is going to inspire you as it offers a complete set of modern residential complexes. The concept of compact living space for small families, & frequent domestic/international travelers.


Every Hotel Suite carries a new style of luxury. Every suite tells its own uniqueness and introduces a new taste of living. The tectonic interior structure and design meets the international standard of living.


The Hash Mall is offering the top best duplex apartment having all the amenities. More-ever it so comforts as every person desires for. The modern structure meets the international standard of living. The Duplex apartment gives you all the facilities under one-roof. These luxurious duplex apartments feature the following comforts which makes them unique and spacious.

Infinity pool

The infinity pool on the rooftop of Hash Residency is the only city pool to infinite your swimming fun. The panoramic view of the pool is prominent from the city’s most mesmerizing skylines. The poolside area is suitably stylish, As well as with rustic wooden decking, and lots of greenery. The Hash Residency did everything to make this pool a source to make you cool Join the Hash mall.