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The HASH MALL is now officially Approved by RDA

The HASH MALL Is Now Officially Approved By RDA

Another milestone achieved, The HASH MALL is now officially Approved by RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority), and the first ever Commercial and Residential project of Bahria Town which has been approved by RDA.

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has officially approved the Hash Mall. It is a great achievement for the Hashi Group of Companies as it is the first-ever project approved by the RDA. The Hash Mall is going to open hundreds of investment opportunities for investors. It is located in the heart of Bahria Town Phase-8 and its location makes it the prime project among its competitors. 

With the highly exclusive living standards of the people in the past few years, the requirements of commercial and residential projects have also been enhanced. The project designs and the construction styles are the major focal points for investors. Secondly, the location is also playing a greater part. So, keeping in view all of these objectives, RDA has approved the design structure and the building of the Hash Mall. After going through the rigorous process, RDA has given a clean chit to the project.

The project is in the major stages of development and will be completed in 2022. 

Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA)

RDA is a government Sector Corporation that was established to provide municipal and town services. It has responsibilities of planning, approval, development, and growth of the various commercial or residential projects inside Rawalpindi. RDA works on the principles of Modern World Standards of Commercial and Residential projects for improving wide-metropolis development projects. 

Bahria Town is a major collaborator with more and more projects coming up each day. Recently, The Hashi Group of Companies came up with the vision of providing better living standards through its commercial and residential projects. The Hash Mall is also one of its initiatives. RDA approval of The Hash Mall is going to pave the way for better living standards and investment opportunities in the twin cities.

Opportunities for Investors

With the approval of the Hash Mall by RDA, investors can now trust their investments in safe hands. The project has already attracted foreign and local investors. Being at the heart of Bahria’s Garden City project, ‘The Hash Mall comes with all the amenities from shopping areas, fun and food courts, business areas, and many other wonderful services. A better Lifestyle, secure investment, steady profits, and the finest growing opportunities await you at the Mall of Garden City. 

The Hash Mall provides the best investment opportunities. Hashi Group provides the entire consultancy and investment profiles in the Mall of Garden City. We aim at building and creating more opportunities in the future as well. 

Investing in the ‘Hash Mall is insurance for lifetime growth and trust. Your growth in business zones can ensure the opening of better prospects and the Hash Mall will surely be your reliable partner to your first step. Invest through Al Jamal Group’s consultancy and lay the foundations of a great future ahead.

Opportunities of Investment in Commercial Hub

The Hash Mall comes with residential and commercial areas of investment. For investors who are looking for great opportunities to invest in commercial areas, the Hash Mall provides shopping mall investment opportunities. From shops, a food court, and office places, The Hash Mall is a diversified and safe investment opportunity. 

With the presence of local and international brands, the mall is looking to catch the attention of the public from the twin cities. Investors can come to the Hashi Group of Companies head office and our sales team and investment advisory team is always ready to guide you in the best ways. 

From small shops to bigger shopping areas, we have everything available for you. Secondly, we are providing easy investment. You can begin with a smaller investment and then build up with time. No hustle and no pressure. We have a flexible time duration that will allow you to invest with peace of mind.

Food Courts, Fun Areas, and Office places are also part of the Hash Mall project. If you are looking for areas to open a local food branch, The Hash Mall is going to be a great start for you. Our fun areas, Cineplex, and gym areas are also the best investment places. 

Opportunities of Investment in Residential Areas

The Hash Mall is coming up with 1-bed apartments, Duplex Apartments, and Skywalks. All of the apartments are furnished with the best standards. Providing the basic amenities of a luxurious living style. Therefore the Hash Mall apartments are designed by professionals. All of the safety features are included to maintain the standards. The highly elegant design of the mall makes it much more attractive to live in. Moreover, the mall is surrounded by green areas, that present a picturesque view to the people living. 

Our Bowling Zone, Cineplex, and Tennis Court are other major attractions for investors. It makes your life luxurious and easier at the same time. Investment is easy and living standards are higher. Your dream life awaits you at the Hash Mall residential apartments. 

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