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The HASH Mall

The Future Of Real Estate Investment In Pakistan

The dollar is skyrocketing, the rupee is in a freefall, and inflation has reached an all-time high. The political fury in the past year has pushed the country into an economic crisis. While the risk of a shutdown looms over most sectors amidst rumors of default; regardless, Pakistan’s real estate market continues its steady growth. Among the various available options for investments in real estate, shopping malls in Pakistan have emerged as one of the most lucrative avenues for investment in the country.

Real estate in Pakistan is a rapidly growing business and is creating various new chances for investors to double their savings by investing in these projects.

Why Invest In Malls?

The rapidly growing population in the country creates a static need for modern shopping malls in Pakistan. The growing middle class has increased demands for high-end retail, dining, and entertainment options, which makes malls an attractive investment strategy for developers and investors alike.

A Stable Investment

Malls offer diverse revenue streams to their investors, including retail shops, food courts, entertainment venues, cinemas, and office spaces. This makes them a stable investment option as it helps offset any potential losses from a particular segment.

High Return On Investment 

The rental yields on commercial properties in prime locations can range from 8-12%. This makes malls a highly attractive investment opportunity for investors where they can generate high returns on investment.

A Low-Maintenance Investment 

Since experienced teams professionally manage the malls, they are responsible for ensuring efficient operations, high occupancy rates, and a steady stream of rental income. This makes malls a low-maintenance investment option for investors who want to avoid the hassles of managing their properties.

Why Investing In Hash Mall Is a Good Idea?

Investing In Hash Mall
The HASH Mall

If you are looking for a secure investment opportunity, Hash Mall is your best bet. It is a deluxe commercial project located in the prime location of Bahria Town near Lake View Junction. It is another achievement in the cape of the Hashi Group of Companies which is running multiple mega projects in the twin cities. The Hash Mall has generated a diverse stream of revenues for people of every class; including Hash Residency, Hash Mall, Hash Family Park, and more. 

The Hash Mall is about to become the next biggest commercial hub in the twin cities, featuring commercial shops, executive offices, and luxury residential apartments. Your investments are secure as the construction of Hash Mall is almost completed. Moreover, it offers an expansion of your invested capital by 20-30%. The investments start at the lowest rate of 44,000/- PKR per sq. ft with monthly rentals around 125,000/- PKR.  Premium features such as Cine Media Ice Skating, Space Air Top, Roof Gold Terrace, Sky Walk, Eateries, Gym, and Rooftop Family Park with 360° city view further make Hash Mall a  great investment opportunity.   

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In this inflation, a real estate investment offers an opportunity for the masses to expand their capital. It offers diverse revenue streams with high returns and low maintenance to its investors where they can enjoy monthly rentals in the comfort of their homes. Hash Mall is an emerging name in this trend as it provides a secure channel for your money to multiply.