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Small investment opportunities in Pakistan

Small Investment Opportunities in Pakistan

Investments are lifetime assets that help people grow with time. Small investment opportunities in Pakistan have been on the rise due to the globalization of businesses and the collaboration of industries. Moreover, due to rising unemployment and problems in the job sector, youngsters are heading towards smaller entrepreneurship opportunities. These opportunities offer investments on smaller scales and help youngsters build their businesses with little effort.

Recently, hundreds of investment fields have come up to the surface. These fields are producing healthy investment opportunities with beneficial results. However, most people in Pakistan are investing in the real estate business. Hundreds of residential and commercial projects are under construction. Billions of dollars are being invested in these schemes.

Areas to invest small amounts of money in Pakistan

  • Real Estate or Property Business
  • Stocks
  • Investment in Gold
  • Prize Bonds
  • Investment in Skills
  • Investment Companies

The booming development and construction projects in the past few years have helped investors in starting their businesses in the real estate market. The industry has been on a continuous roll due to the benefits of investing in real estate. The sector has grown widely in the cities and has contributed to boosting the economy of the country. These companies and firms have been trying to revolutionize the real estate market as they present facile investment opportunities and offer better projects to invest in.

Real Estate or Property Business

Considered to be one of the best investments in Pakistan, real estate is a highly growing and rewarding investment. With more residential and commercial areas being built, real estate can help your investment grow within no time. To the best, real estate investment comes in many ways. REITs are one of the major sources where your investment can be part of the larger investment group. 

Properties are your passive income source. With small installments, you can buy any plot or any shop, and then you can rent it out. It gets you monthly income in the form of rent. Moreover, these days, investments with groups are a major investment plan. People tend to make groups and then invest their income collectively. It gives an investor the chance to invest without any thinking of the larger investment plans.  In the future, if you need investments for some other business, you can sell any of your property and make fortunes with the other business venture. Therefore, properties have a strong asset value. Properties give you back with the best return ratio.

Projects by Hashi GoC for Investment Purposes

Hashi GOC is presenting you the exclusive opportunity to invest your small investments in their projects. Hash Residency and The Hash Mall are two state-of-the-art projects of Hashi GOC, which provide you with the chance to invest the money a minimum as 8 lacs. You can get a higher monthly rental income from your investments. Moreover, the value of your property will keep growing with time.

The Hash Mall

The Hash Mall is a 14-floors commercial & residential project. The first 6 floors serve commercial purposes with shopping areas, a food court, a cineplex, a tennis court, and several other amenities and facilities. Moreover, the last 7 floors are designed for residential purposes with 1&2-beds apartments and duplexes. The project is in-lined with all the important facilities necessary for a luxurious yet comfortable lifestyle.

Hash Residency

Hash Residency is the second major project under Hashi GOC. Mimaar’s is working on the design structure of the Hash Residency. It offers 50, 1&2-bed apartments. Moreover, Hash Residency brings all of the major local and international standard apartments under one roof. Delivering an outstanding and smart living with all luxuries and amenities. Again, keeping in mind the motto and the mission of the Hashi GOC, we have planned and worked on the investment guide in the most facile ways. Hashi GOC has dedicated teams that provide you with full Investment Consultancy with Responsibility. Once you are on board, our teams will then guide you into Successful Investment. 

Hashi GOC keeps the trust of investors with transparent dealings. Our motto is to provide the best consultancy, the best sales services, and build a family of clients with trust.

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