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Shops for Sale in Islamabad

Shops for Sale in Islamabad

Looking for shops for sale in Islamabad! The real problem of real estate investors these days. Where can you find the right opportunity to invest? Don’t worry! This is a complete guide for your investment.

In the past two years, COVID-19 wreaked havoc on the economy of Pakistan and industries suffered great losses. Since COVID-19, the real estate industry is one of the most fortunate industries to witness rapid growth. With the growth of more and more residential areas in Pakistan, the commercial areas are also witnessing growth side by side. 

Businesses are moving in with the residential areas with their exclusive services to meet the needs of the public. 

Government policies have helped commercial and residential areas to grow and provide investment opportunities for investors. Investors from across the country are investing more money in the commercial areas because of growth and money return possibilities. 

From various problems faced by the investors, finding the right commercial area to invest in, remains at top of the list. Investors look for areas where they can deal with large populations and grow their business at a faster pace. Several commercial area construction projects portray themselves to be the top of the list investments. 

However, the real challenge comes with the growth in a wider time frame. To cater to this problem, investors need consultancy and advisory for projects that can help them in the longer run. 

Hash Real Estate and Builders under Hashi GOC

Hash Real Estate and Builders is addressing this need for better consultancy under Hashi GOC. Hashi Group of Companies entered the real estate business with two extraordinary projects. Both of these projects are top-of-the-line projects. These projects provide our investors with the opportunity to invest in projects with long-term growth and guaranteed profits. Hash Residency and The Hash Mall are both residential and commercial projects with minimum investment from 8 Lac. 

Investors who are looking for shops for sale in Islamabad can avail themselves of the opportunity to invest in two of the most lux projects. Both of the projects cover a wider range of populations where there are greater chances of profits and money return in a shorter period.

Shops for sale in The Hash Mall

The Hash Mall is a 14-floor mall with 2 basement areas. The floors are divided according to the needs and the amenities. From the lower ground floor to the 5th floor, we have designed commercial areas along with the amenities. From the 6th floor onwards, the mall offers residential floors where you have the opportunity to invest in 1 and 2-bed apartments.

Lower Ground, Ground, and 1st Floor Plan

The lower ground floor is designed specifically for commercial and retail purposes. The ground floor offers a food court as well where visitors can find all the major food brands. To attract visitors, the Hash Mall comes with all the major local and international brands. These floors cover 100+ shops for several purposes.

All the shops are designed spacious enough to meet the needs of your investment. The Hash Mall has shops with different areas to invest in. With a minimum investment of 8 Lac and 16-quarterly installments, you can own your shop in the Hash Mall. If you are interested to invest in the retail area, your shop in the Hash Mall is going to pay you higher returns.

IT Zone (2nd Floor)

The 2nd floor of the Hash Mall covers the IT zone. IT enthusiasts who want to enhance their business in areas with potential growth can have their shop in the IT zone of the Hash Mall. It comes with world-class facilities and designs so that you can experience the IT world while selling your services. The IT zone offers 60+ shops for investment. If you want to invest with the Hash Mall in the IT Zone, you can reach out to the teams and get the best consultancy.

Lower Ground and Ground Floors in Hash Residency

Hash Residency is a world-class project under development by the Hashi GOC. With executive suites and residential apartments, Hash Residency covers commercial areas as well. The lower ground and the ground floors offer shops for investment in retail and commercial areas. It can be the best location for your investment. With residents living inside the same building, you do not need to worry about customers. It is the ultimate selling point for your services. You can find the best shops for sale in Islamabad here.

To invest with Hashi GOC in the Hash Mall and Hash Residency, contact our consultancy and advisory teams. We have professionals that can help you and guide you to the door with opportunities and growth.