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safe investments with high returns

Safe Investments With High Returns

Safe Investments with High returns are only possible with the help of technology and innovations, the world is heading towards a new scope of investment opportunities. But, with this fast race, there are some loops left that can cause a layman to face some serious monetary damages. In this case, out of the top 5 traditional investment fields, mainly; Gold investment, event management, stock exchange, money bonds, and currency, the investment in real estate is much more reliable, affordable, and low risk compared to the options mentioned above.

Real estate in Pakistan is growing at a robust speed in Pakistan and is advancing both the real estate sector and investors respectively. The best thing about a real estate venture is that it gives High Return on Investment (ROI) with a minimum investment amount.

Whether it is residential or commercial space, the capital you invest will always give you good returns. Real estate is safer than other investment options in such a way that it is always conducted in Black & White with Legal Land authorizing departments.  

From visiting land to handing over power of attorney with witnesses, everything happens in a confidential and legal manner. So, it’s the best option to invest in for a safe, secure, and better future.  In Bahira Town Phase 7, The Hash Mall & Hash Residency are there to serve your purpose of investment with high ROIs with standardized demo graphs. Based on the modern and smart infrastructure, The Hash Mall is a perfect choice to opt. for a safe venture. Lying in the heart of Bahria Phase 7, near The Statue of Liberty.

Floor Plan:

The Mall starts with two spacious basements for parking. The marvelous state-of-the-art mall comprises 30,360 sq. ft ground + 14 Commercial and Residential floors. The ground floor is wide enough to make you feel like a rollercoaster. On the 1st & 2nd floors, the visitors will shop for their kid’s stuff and other goods. Additionally, the 3rd one offers restaurants and food courts. The 4th floor is named a fun land along with a top-class Cinema, Kids’ Play Area, as well as GYM, SPA, Coffee Shops, Escape rooms, Mini Golf clubs, Bowling Alley, and much more. However, A total of the 5th floor is kept for Executive Offices. The 6th to 13th floors offer comfortable 1, 2, and 3-Bed Apartments. And the 14th is earmarked for High-in-Class Hotel Suites. The commercial floors deliver Tennis Court, Food Court, Swimming Pool, GYM/SPA, Kids’ Play Area, Cineplex, Mini Golf Club, and Bowling Alley making it unique & extraordinary.

The prices are actually quite reasonable where the interested buyers can book a unit at a 25% down payment. However, the remaining amount of this ideal mall in Rawalpindi can be paid within 48 months on easy installment plans.


THE HASH MALL’s Commercial & Residential units are available exclusively. We have made all the arrangements so that everyone interested in buying these gets quick and hassle-free access to needed information. Please reach out to us for booking your space in THE HASH MALL.

Mega Offer: Recently THE HASH MALL had a big offer of getting 44,000 monthly rentals for only rupees 20 lac. Moreover, you’ll get a 6% to 8% buyback on return. Don’t miss this amazing offer, Grab the opportunity to get the highest monthly return in the whole competitive real estate market