Lifestyle Residency Islamabad The “Hash Residency"

What Is Hash Residency?

Hash Residency is a Lifestyle Residency in Islamabad, being developed in Bahria Town. Emerging commercial and residential opportunities. That is going to render a peaceful environment with facilities victualing today’s needs. Furthermore, Hash Residency is a mixed commercial and residential Apartment project in Islamabad by the Hashi Group of Companies. Likewise, the lifestyle residency is developing with an aim to provide the outlook living standard at an affordable price.



The Hash Residency. A Lifestyle Residency Islamabad is located in the heart of Bahria Town Phase 8, Rawalpindi. It provides accessibility to all popular residential societies. As well as the site also provides easy access to the people. Who is living in the twin City of Islamabad, Rawalpindi? In short, Hash Residency will be in the heart of the capital city.


Shops At Hash Residency:

To find luxury at every stop of the shop!

Here, there are a number of opulent Commercial Shops with high returns. In addition to this, the shops at Hash Residency with prime locations. It is a great source to get a high flow of customers. Furthermore, the Artistic and beautiful façade of the shop is a great source to grab the attention of customers & investors. However, the size of the shops varies from 152sq.ft to 1193 sq. ft.


Hash Residency Offers Luxury HOTEL SUITES:

Where Luxury reaches its best!

Moreover, the Hotel Suites are embellished with luxurious features. So, they are giving their owners a real taste of what luxurious living is like. Moreover, the internal design of the Hotel Suites defines the high functionality of the residency.


1 & 2 BHK Apartments At Hash Residency:

To higher the quality of living!

The Hash Residency presents high-living ideas through extravagance. And a well-designed 1 & 2 BHK apartment to explore the real fun of dwelling.



To have a new taste of dwelling!

Payment Plan

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Hash Residency offers top best penthouses along with a scenic view of the city from the top floor to enjoy. And as well as reach new heights of standard living.


Why At Bahria Town?

As the Pakistan Real Estate market is growing. It is seen countless housing societies are being launched in Pakistan. Now every other person who has a big piece of land starts developing his own society.  And somehow gets permission to do so with or without approval. However, the problem is that most societies are unable to provide a standard of living. As a result, most of such projects fail to deliver.

However, In Pakistan, there are quite a few societies that are actually worthy and known for providing a quality lifestyle. Bahria Town is one of them.

Bahria Town is one of the largest and one of the most planned housing societies in Pakistan. So, It is so well planned that one can easily roam around Bahria Town with just a map. As well as this master-planned society provides you high living standards you can dream of. Besides, once you enter Bahria Town you get the feeling of being in a developed country. Furthermore, you will have all facilities within the Bahria Town.  Such as Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants, and state-of-the-art cinemas, and much more.  Above all, there is no Load Shedding in Bahria Town.

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