Real Estate in Pakistan

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Real Estate is an important sector of Pakistan. It plays a very vital role in the economic stability of well as Pakistan’s economy is very much depending on the real estate of Pakistan & construction sector. Real Estate is the largest industry in Pakistan. Moreover, it establishes a contract between the seller and buyer in property concerns.

Innovative Real Estate:

Currently, Real Estate in the Pakistan industry has taken many steps to innovate the Real Estate in Pakistan.  The Internet has brought people closer to each other. Today the businesses use online ways to communicate their people. because it’s an easy way to introduce a business all over the world. 

Scope of Real Estate in Pakistan:

The Real Estate sector in Pakistan has a great scope in Pakistan. A rapid increase in population is one of the influencing factors. The demand for real estate in Pakistan is increasing day by day as the population is increasing. As well as Pakistan’s property market has turned out to be a chief contributor to the country’s economic development.


The following are the main factors affecting the performance of Pakistan’s property market.


Interest Rate

Investments by Overseas Pakistanis

Increased Affordability of Consumers

Budget and Taxation



When it comes to the sale and purchase of a real estate in Pakistan, the demographics play a prominent role. As well as properties in demand and their value are significantly affected by the division of the population. Presently, family systems are running side by side in Pakistan. The joint family system and the nuclear family system. People larger home in a joint family system as compared to a nuclear family, that can be accommodated easily in smaller, independent house portions and apartments.

Real Estate




Buying a property largely depends on interest rates. And in Pakistan, the slightest change in interest rate plays an imperative. Meanwhile, most of the homebuyers in Pakistan depend on taking property loans by financial institutions or go for real estate in Pakistan projects that have attractive payment plans to offer. So, what causes property interest rates? Pakistan’s stock market that fluctuates swiftly, mostly because of the changing economic and socio-political condition of the country, ultimately influences the interest rates on real estate in Pakistan and other sectors in going up and down. Usually, High-interest rates bring down the graph of affordability. And the lower rate of interest higher the demand for property in Pakistan.


 In light of the latest property researches, where we see the country’s overall property market situation. The data collected from the last few months shows only a minor rise in the real estate in Pakistan. Furthermore, Investments from overseas Pakistanis always played a vital role in the country’s property sector. Some on-going developments have the potential to attract foreign investment like Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. It is being constructed in numerous cities in Pakistan.

Affordability of Consumers:

Not only property prices, the graph of affordability of consumers has also shot up from a previous couple of years. due to a rise in start-ups, employment opportunities, co-working, and freelancing in Pakistan. This upward trend, as well as affordability of consumers has caused in greater demand for residential as well as commercial real estate in Pakistan, especially in cities. However, this didn’t happen in rural areas as the affordability in such areas has not seen much change. 

Budget & Taxation:

Over the last decade, the real estate sector of Pakistan has absorbed many economic jolts. To encourage the property sector. The PTI’s government has introduced new taxation policies for immovable properties in the 2019-20 budget. It shows The rate of withholding tax is reduced from 2% to 1%. Collection of withholding tax on the purchase of the property. Collection of withholding tax (WHT) on sale of the property, As well as the holding period is up to 5 years. Withdrawal of restriction on the purchase of properties having PKR 5 million by non-filer.

Hash Real Estate and Builders:

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