The top best Property for Sale areas in Rawalpindi, Islamabad

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Property for Sale

Property for Sale

Are you looking for good property for sale in Rawalpindi, Islamabad? Here our deep analysis regarding property prices fluctuation in Rawalpindi and Islamabad will help you to get an idea for good property. As well as you will know the pros of property buying in these areas. No doubt investment in Real Estate is long term & profitable. Because the value of property increases day by day. The core reason behind a rapid increase in the demand of real estate is a prominent increase in the population of the country. However, while investing in Real Estate it’s mandatory to perform a detailed research analysis. Before purchasing any property. Here you will get to know the importance of property for sale in Rawalpindi, Islamabad.

Importance of property for sale in Rawalpindi, Islamabad:

Rawalpindi and Islamabad, the twin cities are known as the main economic Hub of the country. It plays a vital role in stabilizing the economy of the country by offering a large number of business. Investment & employment opportunities to the people. The beautiful scenic view & peaceful environment makes it an attractive spot for the local and foreign people.

Rawalpindi, Islamabad owns many famous societies of Pakistan. The annual report of 2019 shows the property for sale trend in Rawalpindi, Islamabad.


BAHRIA TOWN, Property for Sale:

Known as one of the titled neighborhoods of the capital, Bahria Town is the most searched-area when it comes to buying plots in the twin cities. It is also known as the best spot for plots for Sale in Rawalpindi, Islamabad. As well as the presence of a well-planned infrastructure, peaceful environment. And state-of-the-art amenities make it the near-default choice for the investors.

The prices of 5 Marla plots have seen an average increment by 4.4% in 2019. And were on the PKR 35 lakh in the Real Estate Market. It is mainly because 5 Marla plots are considered budget-friendly in property for sale options.

Conversely, the prices of 10 Marla and 1 kanal plots dipped by around 1%. With prices from PKR 61 lakh to PKR 1.1 crore respectively. Major reasons behind the slight dip is the investors’ trust associated with Bahria Town’s name. Moreover, a wide range of amenities & a peaceful environment provided by Bahria to its habitat is another main reason for its popularity.

GULBERG, Property for Sale:

It is the second-most searched area in property for sale in the twin cities. Gulberg-green was Launched in 2005, comparatively a new project in the capital city, approved by the Capital Development Authority (CDA). Gulberg is an attractive spot located on the outskirts of Islamabad. Furthermore, Its prime location puts it only a 5-minute drive away from GT Road. And 15-minute drive away from the Islamabad Airport.

Gulberg-green also offers a well-planned & organized residential society. This could be one of the key reasons to see a dip of increase in average price in property for sale. With 16% increment, 5 Marla plots are standing at around PKR 21 lakh. Keeping in view the general market practices the prices of such properties usually witness an instant hike.

Meanwhile, the demand of property for sale in developed parts of the locality goes up. As a result, the prices of 10 Marla and 1 kanal plots in Gulberg Islamabad also increased by 8.3% and 16% respectively. A 10 Marla plot in Gulberg was sold for an average of PKR 65 lakh. While the price for 1 kanal plot hovered at PKR 1.3 crore in 2019.


Other popular spots include DHA, B-17, I-12, D-12, I-15, I-14, Top City 1, and E-12. However, the average price in E-12, I-14 and I-15 have changed due to further development. Moreover, CDA has accelerated the development of infrastructure and other living facilities in the E-12 sector. This is another reason for an increase in the value of property for sale.

The Hash Mall:

The Hash Mall is an iconic project that is being established by the Hashi Group of Companies in the heart of Bahria Town. It has a range of investment options through offering a set of property for sale to the investors. Who have money in hand and are looking for profitable investments. In addition, this mega project is based on Ground + Commercial & Residential floors. As well as it is expected to be an attractive spot for the local and foreign investors.