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Where To find Plot for sale In Islamabad In One Million (10 Lacs) Rupees?

Real estate in One Million Budget

Real Estate is the primary investment option for an average Pakistani to seek better returns without making tough physical efforts. As the value of property always rises over the passage of time. Rather the money may depreciate over time due to inflation. Therefore, most investors prefer investment options like plot for sale in Islamabad that protect the value of money against inflation as well as give a good return. However, some short-term investments also offer good returns as THE HASH MALL is a newly Launched Project in Bahria Town Rawalpindi. It offers a 22,000 monthly return over the investment of 1.2 Million & 6% to 8% buyback on return. Therefore, it’s the best 1-year investment plan if you’re interested in short-term investment.

Why Should You Invest in Real Estate?

If you have been saving some money from your salary, you should consider investing some part of your savings in real estate as it can be your valuable asset in the future. If you study the pricing trends of the property in your neighborhood or your city over the last 20 years, you will be surprised to know a huge difference and may regret a lost opportunity.

Investing in real estate is always considered as profitable.

Let’s take an example of Bahria Town Phase 8 Rawalpindi when the society launched. It started to plot for sale in Islamabad with 1 million & less price range at easy installment plans about 16 years ago. As the society started development the prices surged & reached over 5 million rupees up to more than 10 million rupees for the same plots. Now you might think what could be the best real estate investment option within the 1 Million price range?

Those who are entering the real estate market to earn a short-term gain, within a few months, have to bear short-term losses. Real Estate is generally a long-term investment that ultimately gives you a good return if you have the patience to hold your property for a couple of years.

The Best Housing Schemes in Rupees One Million:

Here are the few options you can invest in the plot for sale in Islamabad within 10 lacs in Rawalpindi or Islamabad;


DHA Valley

Rudn Enclave

PIA Officers Housing Scheme

CBR Town Phase 2

Blue World City

We will explain each of the above-listed projects offering plot for sale in Islamabad so that you can get a better understanding of why you can invest in these projects.

Islamabad Co-operative Housing Scheme

ICHS Town is a registered housing project, situated at the back of New Islamabad International Airport.

One only lacking point is the proper road access road that is being planned with the upcoming Rawalpindi Ring Road. As well as Once access is resolved, property prices in ICHS Town can go up two or three times.

you can easily buy up to 10 marlas here in 1 million.

DHA Valley

DHA Valley is one of the cheapest housing projects by the Defence Housing Authority. This well-known housing society is going to be located in Zone 5 of Islamabad. It is near Rawat Kallar Syedan Road. This is another project where you can invest in the plot for sale in Islamabad within a 1-million budget and wait till some major developments to earn a good return.

5 Marla or 8 Marla plots can be bought easily in DHA Valley within 1 million budgets. Buying a plot in this society may require a good consultancy to know file status.

plot for sale in Islamabad

In addition to this, you must go for the plots that exist on the ground and where DHA has partially developed the sector. Furthermore, if your budget allows you to buy a re-balloted file, consider that one only. Rather buy a file with zero surcharge history.

Rude Enclave

Rude Enclave is a private housing project on main Adyala Road, Rawalpindi by NESPAK. It offers a high potential investment offer due to the upcoming Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Besides installment plans, you can buy a 5 Marla plot with one million budgets.

(PIAOCHS) PIA Officers Co-operative Housing Scheme:

This housing society is registered on Adyala Road. It is spanning close to the upcoming Ring Road, Rawalpindi, so it is also good to invest in the plot for sale in Islamabad with a low-cost investment option.

You can buy 5 Marla plots on cash payment within a one million budget.

CBR Town Phase 2:

CBR Town is an established housing scheme in Islamabad which has delivered its phase 1. And now developing its phase 2 near Thalian Interchange Rawalpindi. Phase 2 brought one of the cheapest options for investment. Where you can buy a 5 marla residential plot within a one million budget.

Once the access road through Thalian Interchange is developed. It will be an ideal place for living within close vicinity of Islamabad.

Blue World City:

Blue World City is another big option offering plot for sale in Islamabad on main Chakri Road. Society has some legal issues with RDA, through development work is going on very fast, and the standard is very high.

It is suggested to avoid buying files. Go for balloted 5 Marla plots in General Block.  7 Marla in Overseas Block is another good option that is going to be balloted soon.


Here we end our discussion regarding the plot for sale in Islamabad options, check the details of all of the above-listed housing projects. Moreover, try to visit the housing projects which you choose for investment, and get every minute detail from different experts.