Real Estate Areas to Invest in Rawalpindi

As of the development of Rawalpindi Ring Road, many investors are trying to creep into the market hunting for the best real estate opportunities along its route. Nevertheless, many housing projects claim to have future access through Ring Road. Therefore, this is the right time to invest in a project that is having the maximum advantage of this major real estate development.

Our recommendation will be based solely on one single facet, i.e. Location. Since location is the most important factor in real estate. That every real estate agent considers. In short, your return on your investment solely depends on this one single factor.

Following are the highly recommended housing projects for investment along Rawalpindi Ring Road:

DHA Phase 3

Bahria Town Phase 8

There are many other housing projects offering lucrative investment opportunitiesThat we had mentioned in our previous blog. But here we are limiting our recommendation to these 4 housing projects which will offer you maximum return in the short term.

We are sharing some important details about each of the above Real Estate development areas. Here you’ll get the location, development strategy, prices, and expected return on investment. So, you can decide according to your budget and investment plan.

Invest in Rawalpindi

Real Estate Development and DHA Phase 3

DHA Phase 3 is one of the biggest phases of the Defence Housing Authority. It starts from Bahria Town Phase 7 and leads up to Rawat. DHA Phase 3 lies opposite to DHA Phase 2 having easy access through multiple accesses on GT Road.

DHA Phase 3 Islamabad (Serene City) is a highly developed and elite area, adjacent to Bahria Town Phase 7 and Garden City.  However, DHA Phase 3 (New Pindi Scheme) is in the real estate development stage in non-developed and cheaper areas for investment. DHA Phase 3 (New Pindi Scheme) lies near Rawat.

As the development of Rawalpindi Ring Road starts the investors will definitely choose the new Pindi area of DHA Phase 3 for investment. The prices are comparatively lower in this phase. So, relatively higher returns on investment in the short term are expected.

Plot sizes DHA Phase 3 (New Pindi):

5 Marla.

8 Marla.

10 Marla.

1 Kanal.

The average prices of each size of residential plots:

5 Marla approximately 25 lacs.

8 Marla approximately 30 lacs.

10 Marla approximately 45 lacs.

1 Kanal approximately 70 lacs.

Please do remember that the given average rate is without mentioning any block, so prices may fluctuate according to block. Also, note that DHA Phase 3 (New Pindi) does not have commercial plots, it only offers real estate development and investment options for residential plots.

And when it comes to the expected ROI, due to location near the upcoming Rawalpindi Ring Road. DHA Phase 3 prices are expected to grow over 70% to 100% in the next 2 to 3 years. If physical development starts soon the percentage can go over 150%.

Invest in Rawalpindi

Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension:

Bahria Town Rawalpindi Phase 8 extension is another good project offering lucrative investment offers. Phase 8 extension is situated near Awami villa sector 3. It is divided into 6 sectors. In the future Ring Road will connect Rawalpindi to phase 8 extension. This project offers both Commercial and Residential plots.

It’s still never too late to avail the best real estate development and investment opportunities. Phase-8 Extension offers to be the part of the most modern community in Rawalpindi. 

Plot sizes Bahria Phase 8 Extension:

5 Marla.

8 Marla.

10 Marla.

1 Kanal.

The current average prices of each size of residential plots:

5 Marla approximately 13 to 17 lacs.

8 Marla approximately 19 to 27 lacs.

10 Marla approximately 25 to 33 lacs.

1 Kanal approximately 50 to 60 lac.