Importance of Bahria Phase 8 in the prospect of property & Investment

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Hash Mall in Bahria Town Rawalpindi
Important prospect of property and investment in Bahria Town.It is a well-planned & luxurious society in Pakistan. At this time Bahria Town Islamabad consists of 8 phases. Phase 1 to 7 are fully developed. Especially Bahria phase 8 is in the developing process yet. As well as, Bahria Town Islamabad/Rawalpindi is a master-planned community development project. Founded by Malik Riaz Hussain. And Importance prospect of Bahria Town Phase 1 and 3 located in Rawalpindi. And 2,4,5,6,7 and 8 in Zone-5 of the capital. Bahria Town Islamabad/Rawalpindi is located off the Grand Trunk (G.T) Road. Especially, it has DHA to its east, Askari 14, and Lalazar to its north, villages Sohawa and Kharakkan to its south. And Village Dahgal and River Soan to its west side.  

Why Bahria Phase for Investment?

There are the following important factors that enhance the investors to invest in Bahria phase 8.


location is always a king and continues to be the most important factor for productivity in real estate investment. Firstly, amenities, scenic views, green space. Secondly the neighborhood’s status also effects prominently in residential property evaluations. Closeness to markets, warehouses, freeways, transport hubs,. And tax-exempt areas play a significant role in commercial property valuations. At this time in the short Bahria phase, 8 gives all these prominent amenities to the residents.


Bahria Phase 8 gives all the amenities of a richer life to its residents. Also Important prospect of property and investment you gonna find here. As well as the top best schools, mosques, parks, business bays. Exclusive Expressway connecting to GT Road hospitals, clean environment. Uninterrupted power supply, top best commercial areas. 24/7 security, Peaceful Environment, and scenic view as well.  And these amenities make it different from others.

Investment opportunity:

Bahria Town Phase 8 is still underdevelopment. As well as the rates of property have to topped out yet. And the Important prospect of property and investment  opportunity for investors to invest in phase 8. At this time the people who have money in their hands. And also looking for a profitable investment to gain more. Similarly Bahria Phase 8 is a profitable way to get more profit. Likewise, Bahria Town is known for providing all essential comforts of life. And Bahria phase 8 upholds this tradition of excellence.
Top best shopping malls

Top Leading Projects in phase 8:

The following are the top leading projects in Bahria Phase 8. What are the hot spot nowadays in Bahria.

The Hash Mall:

The Hash Mall is a megaproject in Bahria phase 8. And it has been launched by the Hashi Group of Companies. A real shape of standard living. The Hash Mall is being launched.  Also give a complete set of luxuries to Bahria phase 8 residents. Moreover, this hub of comfort covered the area of 6.59 kannals. And having Ground + 14 commercial Floors. The upscale amenities make it different and prominent among others. As it offers a big cineplex entertainment, jogging Track, Kids play area, Infinity pool, skywalks, Food-courts, Tennis Court, Mini Golf Club, Helipad, and much more. Likewise, it has brought the best investment opportunity for investors.

Dominion Mall:

Dominion Mall is Another leading project in Bahria Phase 8.  Also it is being established in the heart of Bahria. Furthermore; and this Best mall in Bahria is being constructed. Over the area of 32 kannals. Also Dominion Mall contains all the top amenities. As well as Apartments residential complex equipped with world-class features. And luxurious comforts at the most prime location of Pakistan. Therefore, also this mall brings investment opportunities for investors.

Main Features:

  •         19 story building
  •         800 posh, semi-furnished apartments.
  •         37 kannal project
  •         1,200+ commercial shops.

The Sanctuary Mall:

The Sanctuary mall, with its up-to-dated design. And strategic location, situated in the heart of Safari Villas-3 Bahria Phase 8.Its contains a boutique mall and 2-bed luxury apartments. This best mall has been designed in Bahria having an extremely luxurious. And very modern interior as well, with state of the art. To increase the living standard of the residents. Secondly, it is the best opportunity. For those who are looking for profitable investment in Bahria phase 8 as well. Liberty Tower, Bahria: This high class project gives everything. You ever desired for.  An INFINITY POOL to the cutting-edge. Moreover, an Architectural Plan, from luxury service apartments. And excellent commercial spaces to the finest shopping spots. And relaxation facilities all in one huge location in Bahria phase 8. In addition, the design of the project is theorized to be an amalgamation of Luxury. Business & Lifestyle for high end as well as the clients. It contains 28 Shops, 14 Offices, 55 Apartments, and a Penthous