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How to Check Property Ownership in Pakistan Online

To ensure How to Check Property Ownership in Pakistan Online? Our lives are now simpler than ever because of the availability of cutting-edge technology like cell phones, high-speed internet, and other tech-driven solutions. The Pakistani government is also making numerous attempts to spread the idea of e-governance throughout the nation to stay competitive in the ongoing digital revolution. 

The government has initiated new mobile applications and electronic portals while making the greatest use of the existing resources. The recent digitalization of the urban land record system in Punjab and Sindh is one of the significant advancements in this area.

Checking property ownership has always been a time-consuming and difficult process but not anymore. Online property ownership verification has become much easier and more efficient for anyone who wishes to verify ownership of any property in Pakistan quickly and accurately due to this newly implemented digital technological system.

Do you want to check the ownership of a property in Pakistan? This blog post will discuss how to check property ownership online in Pakistan. This information is important for people considering buying or renting a property and must do their due diligence before making a final decision.

The Digitalization of Urban Land Records in Sindh and Punjab 

In recent years, urban land records in the provinces of Sindh and Punjab have undergone a digital transformation. This shift to digital technology has been made possible through modernized land records systems such as The Land Record Management Information System (LRMIS) and Land Administration and Record Management Information System (LARMIS). These systems aim to improve the efficiency of urban land transactions by providing improved access to land records. 

Land Record Management Information System (LRMIS)

Land Record Management Information System (LRMIS) is one of Punjab’s most widely used computerized land record systems. Its primary objective is to establish a trustworthy, efficient, and transparent system for keeping such documents and granting access to those records to the general public. Additionally, the Go-Punjab has begun various initiatives targeting enhancing the current property documentation structure, automating the deed system, and streamlining and standardization of mortgage papers. 

LRMIS system functions as an electronic repository for all types of property deeds, such as purchase deeds, sales deeds, lease deeds, mortgage deeds, etc., which can be accessed online by authorized users. It also provides a comprehensive record management system that allows users to search for property documents based on various criteria such as name, address, or date. 

Steps to verify property ownership in Punjab

  1. Visit the Punjab Land Records Authority website at
  2. Click “Property Registration” on the home page to visit
  3. Decide on the neighborhood and service center.
  4. From the drop-down menu, choose the type of search. This may be done using your name, registration number, bahi number, or CNIC.
  5. Last but not least, press ‘Search’ to finish your search.

Land Administration and Record Management Information System (LARMIS)

Land Administration and Record Management Information System (LARMIS) is another computerized system used in Sindh for managing urban land transactions. Since October 2010, the District Facilitation Service Center in Sindh has been offering an automated land record capability to supply scanned records of mutations. 

By June 30th, 2015, eight additional districts in the province will have access to the service for providing records of mutations. This system was developed by the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) to improve access to accurate information about property transactions.

LARMIS stores all types of land registration documents, such as purchase agreements, sale agreements, mortgage documents, etc., which can be accessed online by authorized users. In addition to providing an easy way to access these documents online, it also offers a range of services such as an automated deed registration process, verification of title documents, etc., making registering their properties easier.

Steps to verify property ownership in Sindh

  1. Visit
  2. You can finish your search on the home page: “Search by Name” or “Search by CNIC.”
  3. The Taluka (tehsil) and Deh (district) must be chosen from the drop-down menu. The owner’s complete name must also be included.
  4. Clicking “Search” after filling out all the fields will bring up the results.

In a nutshell

As aforementioned, the digitalization of the urban land record system is projected to benefit the local property business by promoting greater property investments in Pakistan. The digitalization of urban land records in Sindh and Punjab has brought several advantages, including increased efficiency in managing urban land transactions, improved access to accurate information about properties, and enhanced security over property documents. 

While these systems have certainly made it easier for people to access information about their properties, they still need certain features that could make them even more useful, such as mobile applications or real-time updates on changes in ownership or title transfer details. Despite this room for improvement, it is clear that these computerized systems have already significantly impacted how we manage our urban lands today.

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