PROS and CONS of Furnished apartments

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– What do furnished Apartments include?

– Pros of furnished Apartments

– Cons of furnished homes

– How to find or rent furnished homes or Apartments?

 Are you looking for furnished apartments? Here we will let you know the pros and cons of it. If you go for furnished apartments or homes, you will be saved from the stress of lugging heavy furniture to your new place. However, on the flip side, you’ll have to spend a little more on rent.

What do fully furnished apartments include?

Most probably furnished apartments for rent come with basic furniture such as living room sofa, central table, dining table, bed and dressing; kitchen appliances and cabinetry. Some units may also include a washing machine, dishwasher and other electronic appliances to facilitate their clients.

 however, some furnished apartments boast luxurious and posh furniture, comfortable carpets, modern light fittings and modern kitchen appliances.


Let’s take a look at some benefits of renting furnished houses and apartments.

Furnished apartments



You don’t have to splurge on new furniture if you have apartments. Furnished apartments are perfect for procrastinators. If you need an apartment on short notice.  You’ll save time and money on decorating and buying furniture as well.  Renting a furnished apartment is an ideal compromise.

In short, renting furnished apartments helps in saving money upfront by not investing in furniture and other appliances.


Are extremely popular among people who are looking for short-term residentials. For instance, if you have to move to another city for short term courses or higher education. You don’t need to invest into furniture and other necessities knowing that you’ll be leaving in a few months. And same for business professionals who stay at a certain place for a limited time.


Moving is not an easy process. You have to pack all of your belongings, undo your furniture, carry them all to your new place & then unpacking procedure. As well as you may also have to pay an exorbitant charge moving companies who help you in moving.

 Comparatively, you just need a bag of your clothes to move in a furnished room. There is no need to hire a moving company or any other one’s favor.


Since there are two sides to every coin, here are a few shortcomings of renting furnished apartments that you must know to avoid heavy losses.


The monthly rent for a furnished apartment is more than that of an unfurnished unit. In case you have your own furniture in perfectly good condition then renting an unfurnished place might not be a bad idea. Likewise, for a longer stay, investing in your own furniture wouldn’t be a bad deal.

 It will help you to save a considerable amount every month in rent.

 In this, you won’t be able to customize the décor to reflect your personality and will have to compromise for layout and arrangement of each room.


In furnished apartments you will be responsible for any damage of furniture, in case you have children or pets. Once you start living in a furnished home, you become answerable to your landlord for every single item you use.

 In such situations, you will have to bear extra expenses to the landlord for not being able to take care of the place. Along with high monthly rent, these additional expenditures will be a cause to strain your wallet.


people prefer brand new because manufacturer’s warranties for different appliances and fittings. However, if you are planning to rent a furnished apartment, you might not be the first tenant to live there. The biggest concerns of the people are to have quality furniture and appliances. So, you need to make sure everything is in a working order

In addition to this, the used bed or couches may make you uncomfortable. If any item in your furnished apartment or house appears unclean or unusable, you most likely won’t be to utilize unclean and unusable items.


If you are looking for furnished apartments Hash Real Estate & builders is the leading real estate portal in Pakistan. Our detailed guide will help you to kick-start the process.

 As well as if you are confused between renting an apartment vs renting a house, our comprehensive analysis will help to make the things better.

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