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Furnished apartments in Bahria town Rawalpindi

Furnished Apartments In Bahria Town Rawalpindi

According to recent market trends, when looking for an apartment to move into be it as a tenant or an owner, one important question is whether you want a furnished or an unfurnished apartment. People often find it a lot easier and hassle-free to just find a place that comes adorned with furniture, standard kitchen appliances, as well as bathroom supplies basically all the things necessary for a quality living and they opt for a furnished one. If you’re also looking for an apartment like that, look no further than Hash Residency an exclusive project by Hashi GoC. Hash Residency offers Well-Furnished apartments in Bahria Town Rawalpindi with easy down payment and installment plans.

Bahria Town Rawalpindi has several ongoing projects in apartment listing that are being built according to the new living standards. These apartments are not only providing magnificent living facilities but also a great opportunity for people to invest. 

Hash Residency 

Hash Residency is the finest apartment building in Islamabad with an easier down payment and installment plan. We stand out with the best architecture and construction strength security. It is the first-of-its-kind project in the real estate sector of Islamabad and Rawalpindi that has modern architecture with all kinds of facilities in it. Hash Residency provides its occupant with higher-than-average levels of comfort, quality, and convenience. 

Hash Residency Security is onsite 24/7 and utilizes extensive CCTV footage of the property to ensure a safe and secure environment. Surveillance with proper security teams, a central control system where teams of professionals keep a watch on all the floors to ensure the safety of your family at all times.

Dynamic Design

It is making a presence in the commercial and residential marketplace with its dynamic forms, unique design, easy installment guide, and minimum down payment. Hash Residency’s architecture is a true symbol of Modern style and International standards. The design structure of Hash Residency makes sure that everything inside the residential apartments comes with the feeling of a perfect home.

The Hash Mall

The Hash Mall, a project of Hashi GOC is providing its customers with authentic and verified luxury apartments for both living and investment purposes in Islamabad. It has 1, 2, & 3-bed apartments along with a modern commercial area. All the apartments are designed according to high standards of living. Moreover, you can find all the amenities in one place. There are dedicated 7 floors providing residential apartments that are extravagant, and elegant in their design and construction.

In comparison to the competitors, The Hash Mall is working on payment plans and installment guides to help clients have their apartments in the most simplistic ways without any trouble or worry.

Prime Location

This amazing project is being built in the core of Bahria Town, phase 8, Rawalpindi. Bahria Town is Asia’s most popular housing society and it gives a perfect & peaceful place for living. Bahria Town is known for providing its customers with an ideal society that is well-planned and organized in structure. The Hash Mall is going to be a value-adding feature of this well-established society.

Top-Notch Architecture

The Hash Mall is going to be the game changer in apartment living. State-of-the-art architecture & modern design would be a great sign of its elegance. Accessibility of plentiful conveniences and extraordinary elements make it in the limelight among others. The design translates bold imagination into an inspirational experience. The brand combines service, design, entertainment, and lifestyle in thrilling new ways. This residential development is exclusive in its scope and ambition

The project has as of late been approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). It comprises 14 stories with a basement and a penthouse. It has dedicated parking areas for both residential and commercial divisions. Dedicated floors IT center, executive offices, food court, luxury furnished residential apartments, gym, spa, infinity pool, and all other major facilities that one needs to lead a comfortable yet extravagant lifestyle.

To get more information you can reach out to the Hashi GoC office or contact us through email at and by phone at 03355551541.