Duplex and Infinity Pool


The Hash Mall is offering a top-class duplex with an infinity pool with and a wonderful view of the city from the top. With all the amenities & luxuries it will be hard to find any other better dwelling than this. The Amazing views over all the famous landmarks and a big and modern infinity pool make this a more awesome place for relaxation. On the 14th floor, you can have a wonderful panoramic view all over the city, buildings, ocean, and mountains. Amazing in all ways! Dream of living in a duplex apartment is no more just a dream now. You can have these all in your very own hash mall. The modern structure & interior designs are finalized according to the public’s requirements and needs. Moreover, these dwellings give a completely comfortable and peaceful environment. You just need to bring a bag of your clothes to start living. The duplexes are designed that meet the international standard of living that is furnished with high-quality furniture. fully Inclusion of multi-features, lush green environment, and elite lifestyle according to ongoing trend add value in living in the elite duplex apartment. A step towards a richer life will increase the standard of your living. The duplex consists of 3 VIP Rooms, 3 Washrooms, 2 separate entrances, Terrace, Lounge, Open Kitchen, Dining Area & Top-class Infinity Pool. These Duplex Apartments cover the vast area of 2570 sq. Ft.


You will enjoy all rare things here in Hash Mall, which is a nominated name in the on-going and upcoming time. We are facilitating you with the Indoor Tennis Court fun and exposure. How will be the moment when a feel of playing in a grandeur tennis court will be raised up? Exactly the same environment is going to deliver you with the stunning, natural, and calmful views only by the Hash Mall. It’s an opportunity for professional tennis players and beginners to become a part of the Hash Mall. Every player has gotten the pleasure of outdoor tennis court but The Hash Mall is diversifying and transforming the tennis craving. Every player can book his/her court for the day. Indoor Tennis Court is applicable for visitors and special preference has been delivered to the residents of the Hash Mall. So now it’s time for all you to become a part of our eminent project and give a heap to the tennis ball and service smash hardly…! enjoy the tennis-playing with your dear one now in your place, place of your own choice. We had brought a way to make your every day a tennis day. Hashi GOC has tried to give you a complete set of comforts you deserve. Set the best ever contest of your life that will not only help you to create fun. But also, to help you in testing and improving your skills and talent.