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Commercial Property for Sale in Bahria Town Islamabad

Commercial Property for Sale in Bahria Town Islamabad

Commercial property for sale in Bahria Town is the latest topic of discussion among the real estate firms and business communities. With new commercial and residential schemes being launched each day, investment opportunities are beaming everywhere. Bahria Town Rawalpindi is the hottest location where investors are pouring billions. Marketing companies and firms are making the best out of time and working on the grounds day and night. 

Reliable business partners are the needs of the investors. Secondly, investors do not want to invest at locations where their investment cannot grow with time. That is the reason residential and commercial societies are trying to produce potential areas of investment. Being a Pioneer of trust and growing corporate culture, Hashi Group of Companies came into the Real Estate Business with some new projects. 

With State of the art infrastructure and development plans, Hash GOC presents Shopping Malls with all Brands, Hotel Suites, Residential Apartments, a Luxurious Penthouse, Food Court, Cineplex, and skywalks under its various projects. 

The Hash Mall and the Hash Residency are providing the potential areas of investment in Bahria Town under Hashi GOC. With the best locations, these two projects are offering the best commercial property for sale in Bahria Town. The Hash Mall can be your ideal investment because it is an All in One service with everything under the One Roof.

The Hash Mall

With an elite location, The Hash Mall is a project of Art and Excellence by Hashi GOC. The project is under construction within the best management of Hashi GOC. From the commercial areas of investment to the residential areas, the mall is a lush investment. It has the potential to grow with time because of its location. Let’s take you on a tour to the Floor Plan:

Floor Plan

 A total of 14 floors make the building of the mall. Design serves the purpose for all the floors.The building plan ensures that the floors are luxurious with all the safety. The total floor is 35,904.28 square feet. It makes it one of the biggest and spacious malls. The floor plan unfolds in the following ways:


To meet the demands of parking, The Hash Mall offers 3 basements. All the 3 basements serve the purpose of parking with proper security and plans. Most commercial projects, lack parking facilities that make them lose the public interest. However, keeping in mind that objective the project designs come under the master plan.

Lower Ground, Ground Floor

Three floors of the Hash Mall attract all the local and international brands. You can visit and shop for all of your desired products. To ensure the quality, the Hash Mall management has taken specific measures. These floors are the best location to purchase or invest in a shop where you can meet potential buyers from the elite class. Shops with areas as lower as 153 sq. ft. to 690 sq. ft. are available. Investment starts from 8 Lac and comes with flexible investment plans.

1st Floor

1st floor provides investment opportunities for the investors from IT industry. IT shops are present on this floor and customers can reach out and purchase IT services. You can invest in shops of 100 sq. ft. as well. Investment plans are designed specifically to facilitate you.

2nd Floor

2nd floor comes with kids’ stuff. All the goods related to the gifts would be found here. This is also a great area of investment with greater profit margins.

3rd Floor

In malls across the country, apart from the shopping areas, Food Courts are considered to be the best areas of interest. With several local and international food chains, The Hash Mall offers a wide variety of food. From the desi food outlets to the fast-food chains, you will be able to enjoy everything. Moreover, specific areas for dinner parties, lunch, and birthday parties are also available on this floor.

4th Floor

This floor is known as Fun Land. Entertainment ids the basic purpose of this floor. From a modern Cineplex, Gym, Spa, Coffee Shops, Mini Golf Club, Bowling Alley to Spa and other facilities, this floor serves multiple purposes.

5th Floor

The best Executive Offices will be designed here. The 5th Floor is the best location for the firms and individual business owners who are looking for office places. The Hash Mall is offering smaller offices to the bigger and spacious offices where employees can work comfortably.

6th to 13th Floors

The Hash Mall is offering 7 floors for residential purposes. You can find 1 bed, 2 bed, 3-bed apartments. All the apartments are built according to modern standards with all the amenities. Investors can invest in potential apartments where they can enhance their investments with time.

14th Floor (Executive Hotel Suites)

On the 14th floor, the Hash Mall contains the secret of its beauty. The High-in-Class hotel suites make the best of this floor. A tennis court with a great view of the city is also part of this floor.

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