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How to Make Money in Real Estate in the capital smart city Islamabad Pakistan?

1. Rent Out a Property :

Buying a real estate property in the capital smart city Islamabad with the intention of renting it is a great way to make money and build wealth. As an investor, you must know how to calculate the rate of return on a rental property to determine your return on investment. Here is how you will calculate your property Return on Investment in terms of monthly rental value:

-Divide your monthly return by the total investment amount

– Purchase Price × 100%

If your calculation gives you 1% or above, it means you are a great monthly rental value. So, the projects offering 1% monthly rental income are great.

2. Renovation:

According to recent findings, the capital smart city Islamabad’s real estate market offers tremendous potential for profits and high ROI’s on flipped properties. in addition, you as an investor can manage a profit of 15 – 25% on each house that you invest your resources in.

3. Find Properties with Lesser Rate:

If an owner is in need of urgent money, they often prefer selling their home or property at a price lower than the market rate. This is a quick and safe investment opportunity for you to earn a higher return. You can put it up for sale in the market as soon as you purchase it.

4. Invest in a Newly Launched Project:

When high-scale projects or societies are introduced in a capital smart city Islamabad. People do not waste any time investing. A newly launched project or society sells the files on initial stage rates. As the construction begins the rates surge up quickly. And the number of people willing to invest even more than the number of files available.

5. Developing a Society or Construct a Plaza in Capital Smart City Islamabad. in (Value Addition)

While going for this option can mean that you will have to invest a larger amount at first. But the Return on Investment for a project like this will also be huge! It can go up to 1:7, which means that for every 1 Crore that you will invest or spend, you will earn seven times more as profit.

THE HASH MALL in capital smart city Islamabad:

Hashi Group of companies has launched the capital smart city Islamabad’s icon, THE HASH MALL. The project offers a number of un-matched amenities and features in the mall that has not been seen before. Keeping in mind the project’s foreseeable future, the mall is being established in Bahria town, Phase 8. it is the most desirable address in Islamabad these days.

THE HASH MALL will constitute a new shopping district and heaven for food & entertainment. While being the most ideal location for businesses. Its marvelous structure with unmatched amenities is the symbol of a luxurious experience. That will be enough to leave one spellbound.

The mall will provide everything under one umbrella. The residential part of the hash mall is a reflection of grandeur, the most secure spaces with all the amenities. Further, THE HASH MALL in a capital smart city Islamabad is enriched with Infinity Pools, fitness clubs, Kids play areas, spas, cineplex, mini golf club, Bowling Alley, tennis court, helipad, and much more.