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best shopping places in islamabad

Best Shopping Places in Islamabad

Best shopping places in Islamabad: a primary concern for local and international visitors after coming to Islamabad. According to the world ranking Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, has been ranked second in the list of the world’s most beautiful capitals followed by Paris, Washington, Berlin, and Tokyo.

Islamabad attracts a wider range of visitors every year. In comparison to the world capitals, Islamabad is a much smaller city, but a tourist attraction because of its scenic beauty, monuments, parks, restaurants, commercial areas, shopping malls, markets, and fun areas.

To cater to the needs of tourism, commercial areas have witnessed development over the last few years for which several shopping malls and markets have been developed.

Being a major source of economic activity in Islamabad, these commercial areas also provide investment opportunities to local and international investors.

Shopping malls are usually considered to be the best places for retail activities as one can find everything under one roof. The accessibility factor and a luxurious environment with controlled temperature make these shopping malls a desirable place for the majority of visitors to shop, dine, and roam around.

Best shopping malls in Islamabad

Islamabad did not have many malls a decade ago. However, the growing number of tourists caused authorities and investors to invest more money in shopping malls and commercial hubs. Following are some of the best shopping malls in Islamabad that local and international tourists can visit and enjoy themselves:

  1. The Centaurus
  2. Safa Gold Mall
  3. Giga Mall
  4. The Hash Mall

The Centaurus

The Centaurus Mall is the best shopping mall in Islamabad located at a prime location on Jinnah Avenue besides Blue Area. It has 3 skyscrapers, that are home to more than 300 local and international brands. Several local and international restaurant chains are also part of the Centaurus.

The first 5 floors of the Centaurus are shopping areas with restaurants, while the upper 36 floors cover hotels, residential apartments, and corporate offices. The Centaurus is a marvel of architectural engineering. The beautiful design of the mall attracts many tourists.

The Centaurus features open-air eateries, fun areas for kids, and many more. It is a wonderful creation of art and an amazing place for the residents of Islamabad and tourists to enjoy themselves.

Safa Gold Mall

Safa Gold Mall is located in the F-7 sector near Jinnah Super Market. It is one of the most luxurious shopping malls in Islamabad with world-class shopping, dining, and entertainment facilities. It is home to over 150 stores. Residents of Islamabad and tourists can both find affordable local and international brand outlets.

Located in the heart of the F-7 sector, Safa Gold Mall attracts hundreds of visitors each day. Safa Gold Mall comes with state-of-the-art facilities such as shopping areas, a food court, a swimming pool, a gym, a bowling club, wheel-chair assistance, prayer rooms for men and women, and most importantly a spacious parking facility.

Giga Mall

One of the most elite shopping destinations, Giga Mall is located in DHA, Islamabad. Giga Mall has a world-class architectural design, which enables it to fit commercial areas along with a 267- room luxurious 4-star hotel. It is part of the World Trade Center conglomerate and houses over 200+ local and international stores.

Giga Mall has the best movie theater in Islamabad, which allows visitors to enjoy 2-D and 3-D flicks during their visit. It is a major reason for its popularity for the residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It also features the best retail brands from the local and international markets. The Food court of Giga Mall houses several local and international food chains.

Giga Mall is a must-visit in Islamabad. It is one best shopping places in Islamabad.

The Hash Mall

A marvel of the modern architectural world, The Hash Mall is a project under construction in Bahria Town, Rawalpindi. The Hash Mall is a project under the belt of the Hashi Group of Companies. It consists of 14 floors in total with 6 floors offering a state-of-the-art shopping mall. It offers a wide range of commercial activities with all the major local and international brands in one place.

The Hash Mall also offers a food court, which houses a number of eateries. Mimaars a subsidiary under Hashi GOC has designed its structure. The structure is inspired by modern building designs. Comfort and luxury both have been kept as the primary focus while designing the structure of the Hash Mall.

A highly developed architectural marvel. Moreover, it features all the basic amenities that malls offer such as shopping areas, food courts, cinemas, a spacious parking area, foolproof security, and a topical firefighting system.

The Hash Mall presents the residents of Islamabad, nearby cities, and tourists with a great place to visit. It enhances the beauty of Islamabad and helps create economic activity on a larger scale. It comes under the best shopping places in Islamabad.