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Best property investment in Islamabad

Best Property Investment In Islamabad

We all know that the simplest way a person can invest in real estate is by buying a rental property and getting monthly payments in the form of rent from the tenants. There are thousands of rental properties and thousands of tenants in search of homes. Hashi GOC also offers an outstanding Property Investment In Islamabad in the form of Hash Residency and The Hash Mall. Both are mega projects by Hashi GOC and lucrative opportunities for investors where they can invest in residential and commercial units too. Another way is to purchase a plot and keep it for the long term to sell at a future date. There are about 17000 plots available for sale in Rawalpindi / Islamabad alone.

Examination of the best property investment in Islamabad and Pakistan furnishes us with specific factors that should be held under control before spending tons of cash on the business. The land business has a development potential unparalleled by some other investments in Pakistan. The superb interest and the uncommon private and business projects in Pakistan are making the costs of property increment. It drives eventually to a wide scope of interests in the business.

If you need quicker earnings, and it seems more like a dangling carrot, you may go for other options in the market. Buying an apartment in a building, and renting it out is a profitable investment. If you keep the apartment, you can resale it in the future and until then you can rent it out to get monthly treats in the form of rent.

Don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish; spend a little to get hands-on quality investment through a property agent. Similarly, you can look into commercial property, which needs larger capital input and yields gigantic revenues. There are a few reliable companies, in the market, with transparent plans and investment options.

Pakistan’s real estate market is one of the few that provides a wide range of investment choices. These profitable solutions not only allow you to keep the real item, but they also allow you to obtain rentals and a high return on your investment.
The housing market in Pakistan is slowly filling in ubiquity. Additionally, Pakistan’s land estimate for 2021 shows that individuals are turning out to be more mindful of the appealing profits from their investments in this field. Therefore, the premium on business land is ascending as it’s becoming one of the most amazing land investments in Pakistan.

Furthermore, tax reduction by the government in the real estate sector has attracted investors to put their money into a secure business. An excellent analysis of the real estate field can provide investors with the right time and the right place for investment. The twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi have witnessed extraordinary growth in the past few years.

Projects such as Bahria Town, DHA, Gulberg Greens, and many others have witnessed a wide range of population growth and ultimately the development of residential and commercial areas. To guide the investors with the right areas to invest in, Hashi GOC has prepared a list of certain projects that can be desirable places of investment. With the most updated information and a detailed study of the market, the following list can be your ultimate investment place:

Islamabad’s Property Market And Investment

Being the capital and the safest city of Pakistan, Islamabad attracts a wider range of population from across the country. People tend to move to Islamabad for their professional careers and a healthy lifestyle. It creates investment opportunities for investors in the real estate market.

Certain prominent areas in Islamabad and Rawalpindi can help investors get the most out of their investments. For instance, Bahria Town, Defense Housing Authority, Gulberg Greens, Capital Smart City, and several others. Moreover, investments in any sector of the capital city can also prove to be a gaining business. Recently, the extension plan of the capital city has seen development in sectors near motorways.

Bahria Town, Islamabad

Bahria Town is a top location and the best Property Investment In Islamabad these days because of the exceptional development plans and facilities present in the various phases. After the successful ventures in the initial phases, Bahria Town is experiencing expansion in different phases. Various private real estate companies are undertaking projects in residential and commercial areas.

So, the investment in Bahria Town is full of opportunities and growth. Moreover, Hashi Group of Companies; a real estate firm has been working on its projects.

Bahria Town Islamabad does not need any introduction as it is considered the most secure real estate investment place in Islamabad and all over Pakistan. The investors are confident almost all the time that their investment in Bahria Town will pay them back in the best ways.

With highly developed residential and commercial areas with all the facilities placed in the right areas, Bahria Town is a desirable place for Pakistanis to live in. That is the reason why investors feel confident while investing in Bahria Town projects. So, if you are an investor and looking for opportunities to invest, we will recommend you invest in Bahria Town.

Defense By Defense Housing Authority (DHA)

Located on the Islamabad Expressway, DHA is one of the best real estate investment areas in Islamabad. It is one of the most highly developed residential societies in Pakistan. It provides a highly secure living standard to its residents with all the commodities of life. For investors, investment in DHA projects can be expensive, but it is highly paying. Investors can get their investments double within no time.

Projects Of Hashi GOC In Bahria Town

Hashi GOC started its ventures in the real estate industry in 2019 with two exclusive projects and firms for consultancy and construction management. Hash Residency and The Hash Mall are two mega projects by Hashi GOC. Both of the projects are lucrative opportunities for investors where they can invest in residential and commercial units.

The Hash Mall is a 14-floors commercial & residential project. The first 6 floors serve commercial purposes with shopping areas, a food court, a cineplex, a tennis court, and several other amenities and facilities. Moreover, the last 7 floors are designed for residential purposes with 1&2-beds apartments and duplexes. The project is in-lined with all the important facilities necessary for a luxurious yet comfortable lifestyle.

Hash Residency, on the other hand, is a residential project with 1&2-beds apartments, and suites as major units. The project has two commercial floors. The floors cater to the retail needs of the residents. So, the project is a great investment opportunity for investors looking to invest in new construction projects.

Hashi GOC provides an exclusive consultancy with the best projects in Islamabad. Our teams are ready all the time to serve you with transparency and trust. Your investment with Hashi GOC and its projects is an ultimate growth opportunity. For more details, visit us at our office:

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