You are currently viewing How iIs THE HASH MALL Different From Others? What makes It The Best Mall In Rawalpindi Islamabad

How iIs THE HASH MALL Different From Others? What makes It The Best Mall In Rawalpindi Islamabad

The Hash Mall is a project at Bahria Town Rawalpindi by the Hashi Group of Companies. It is being erected in the heart of Bahria Town near the Statue of Liberty. Hash Mall is spanning over the area of 30,360 sq. ft with ground + 14 Commercial and Residential floors. The mall in Rawalpindi is full of fun activities. Moreover, its unmated features make it prominent among others. Keeping the resident’s & visitors’ requirements in mind, the mall is planned according to their needs and demands.

What Makes The Hash Mall Different From Others?

The Hash Mall’s top-notch features like Tennis Court, Food Court, Swimming Pool, GYM/SPA, Kids Play Area, Cineplex, Mini Golf Club, and Bowling Alley make it unique & extraordinary among all.

Best mall in Rawalpindi


Investing in THE HASH MALL is ideal if you consider the location and the amenities. It’s an opportunity to set your business place in the most popular society of Pakistan. This mall in Rawalpindi is built on Main GT Road, Lake View Junction, Bahria Phase 8 Rawalpindi. Which is considered the most elite in the region. Also, the astonishing view of the Statue of Liberty adds more value to the location.

Besides location, the High-in-Class features are also a reason to choose THE HASH MALL.


According to the planned map, the first 5th floors are totally for commercial purposes. On the 2nd floor, the visitors will shop for their kid’s stuff and other goods. Additionally, the 3rd one offers restaurants and food courts. The 4th floor is named a fun land along with a top-class Cinema, Kid’s Play Area, as well as GYM, SPA, Coffee Shops, Escape rooms, Mini Golf clubs, Bowling Alley, and much more. However, A total of the 5th floor is kept for Executive Offices. The 6th to 13th floors offer comfortable 1, 2, and 3-Bed Apartments. And the 14th is earmarked for High-in-Class Hotel Suites.

Moreover, the Hashi Group of Companies’ foremost vision is to provide high-quality food to the residents. And visitors through building this mall in Rawalpindi. Also, the availability of high-tech lifts and electric stairs is ensured. In addition to this, on the 14th floor of the mall, you will enjoy a top-notch rooftop Tennis Court with eye-enchanting views of the beautiful city.

Best mall in Rawalpindi


The prices are actually quite reasonable where the interested buyers can book a unit at a 25% down payment. However, the remaining amount of this ideal mall in Rawalpindi can be paid within 48 months on easy installment plans.


THE HASH MALL’s Commercial & Residential units are available exclusively. We have made all the arrangements so that everyone interested in buying these gets quick and hassle-free access to needed information. Please reach out to us for booking your space in THE HASH MALL.

Mega Offer:

Recently THE HASH MALL had a big offer of getting 22,000 monthly rentals for only rupees 12 lac. Moreover, you’ll get a 6% to 8% buyback on return. Don’t miss this amazing offer, Grab the opportunity to get the highest monthly return in the whole competitive real estate market.