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Why Bahria Town Islamabad is the best option to live and invest in?

Bahria Town Islamabad the commercial hub of the city. Here you’ll see the reason to choose the most demanding housing society of Pakistan. Behind all these tall buildings and commercial spaces buzzing some of the most beautifully designed places. Let’s explore in detail what it’s like living in Bahria Town Islamabad.


Bahria boasts a robust infrastructure which is considered ideal for high-end developments.

Bahria Town Islamabad is a posh area, where most of the businessmen of the city live. Moreover, it gives a modern posh area with big houses and beautiful architectural designs.

As it is considered the central commercial hub, the developers have ensured that the roads are carpeted, a functional sewerage system, and plenty of green spaces.

Bahria town Rawalpindi

Bahria Town is the central point of the city, and from here you can easily access all the other localities within minutes. So, this means that for residents of Bahria, the entire city is in the palm of their hands. Most offices, shopping areas, restaurants, and recreational avenues are located in this society. Apart from all that’s fun, you’ll also find top-quality educational institutes here. If you live in Bahria, you’re in luck because you never have to leave the area for anything.


Enjoy the best of cuisines in Bahria Town.

Bahria phase 1 to 8 you’ll find an eclectic mix of flavors and some of the best experimental food combos. Most of the food options here are continental.

Bahria food streets offer numerous fusion food options, each phase specializing in a particular cuisine. All except desi and here you can enjoy anything from a perfectly brewed cup of coffee to a chargrilled chicken fillet.


In Bahria Town Islamabad, educational institute franchises such as Future World School, AQ Khan, Roots Bahria, and Beaconhouse School System have their middle and senior school branches. Apart from this, you’ll get high-quality education for your children.

Bahria town Islamabad


You’ll also come across a number of top medicated healthcare centers here. These include IDC, Bahria International Hospital, OPD Complex, Maryam Memorial Hospital, and Begam Akhar Nazeer Hospital. These are among 20 leading healthcare facilities that are greatly revered by not just the residents of Bahria, but people in Islamabad as well.

More About The Hash Mall: We Pact in Exceptional Properties

The Hash Mall is an up-and-coming mixed-use project in Bahria Town Islamabad.

Moreover, Bahria Town is the most well-organized & secure housing society in Pakistan. And that’s the reason why most people want to be situated here. It provides ease of access to all facilities that are needed for a comfortable lifestyle, and henceforth, promises high returns. If you are looking to relocate to Bahria, check out these projects:

Hash Real Estate & Builders (Developers):

The developers have a notable background in Real Estate Sectors. Hash Real Estate is a group of builders that are known for their self-explanatory works in Bahria Town Islamabad.

The Hash Mall covers a total area of 6.59 (Kanal).

It is going to be a brilliant shopping place for fun, food, and a hotel. Besides this, It will be a place where you can spend quality time with your family and friends. The number of shops will give you a variety of cart options.

Floor Plan:

According to the shared plan, the Building has a total of Ground + 14 Commercial & Residential floors. the first 5 floors for commercial purposes. Up to the 2nd floor, the visitors can shop for their kinds of stuff and goods. Further, the 3rd one is for food courts & Restaurants. The 4th floor is a fun city which offers Cinema, SPA/GYM, Mini Golf Club, Coffee Shops, Kids Play Area, Escape Room. 5 floors are set for Executive Offices. Whereas 6th to 13th floors are assigned for Luxury 1, 2 & 3-Bedroom Apartments. And the 14th floor offers High-in-Class Hotel Suites.

Why invest in THE HASH MALL?

In the initial stage offer, The Hash Mall is offering 22,000 monthly rentals over the investment of 12 lacs only. With 6% TO 8% annual growth on buybacks. This is the best return rate it is offering in the whole Bahria Town Islamabad real estate market. So, don’t miss this opportunity. It’s a limited-time offer.

Moreover, one major takeaway in this regard is that construction work is already in full swing at the project site.

In addition to this, investing in THE HASH MALL is ideal as far as the location and facilities are concerned. The best place to set a shop or business is Bahria Town Rawalpindi. The Mall is building on Main GT Road, Lake View Junction, Bahria Phase 8 Rawalpindi.. Also, near the astonishing Statue of Liberty. So, that is a great place to invest and enlarge the business capital. For the ease of the buyer, the owners are offering 4-year payment plans.

Besides its location, High-in-Class features also a big reason to choose The Mall Mall for making investments.  The planners intended to provide a high-security system along with a guard to the visitors & Residents of Bahria Town Islamabad.

The payment plan of THE HASH MALL:

The project is offering various commercial shops from its ground floor to the 5th floor. As well as purchasing the shops, you will get a great monthly return in the form of rentals. 

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