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apartments for sale

Why should I consider apartments for sale?

Apartments For Sale

Here You will know the demand of Apartments for sale

& reasons to Invest in Apartments


Are you doubting if buying an apartment is a good investment or not? Apartments for sale If you are looking to buy a rental property or short-term investment option, investment in an apartment might be the perfect option for you as they are easy to maintain with high ROI’s. Following are more potential reasons why investing in apartments is more beneficial as compared to other properties.

Investment in apartments for sale is always considered as profitable, however apartment projects in Pakistan have seen a prominent boost from the past few years. The people of the country prefer to live in tall and luxurious buildings to enjoy the number of amenities. As per the demand has shifted the trend of real estate into high rise buildings to meet the growing needs.

Therefore, this list of reasons to invest in apartment projects will help you reach an informed decision.

Take a look at our guide on the different types of apartments in Pakistan for better investment options. 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments are the most popular options, studio apartments, hotel suites and penthouses are also sought-after in major cities such as Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi among others.  



Buying apartments for sale can be a highly lucrative investment in Pakistan.

The data shows that the demand for apartments in capital territory Islamabad increased from 15% to 17%. 23% to 25% raised up for demand have been noticed in Sindh, however 17% to 19% in KPK Pakistan.

People moving to big cities in search of better education and employment opportunities need residence. This is one of the core reasons for the popularity of apartment projects in Pakistan. Moreover, in one of the major cities price hike is usually seen which discourages the investors to buy plots.

Furthermore, apartments for sale have more demand because they are easy to maintain and relatively less expensive than traditional houses. They are generally more secure and a perfect place to live for mid-career professionals and families.



Following are the main reason to invest in apartments in Pakistan:

  1. Steady Source of Income

  2. Easy Maintenance

  3. Faster Development

  4. Scalability Factor



Investing in an apartment for sale can be a reliable source of rental income.

Whether you are a beginner investor looking to buy your first property or planning to expand your earning area, investing in apartments offers a good rental yield.


High-end features like doorkeeper and cleaning service, high-speed elevators, high-tech security system, covered parking area, fire safety, emergency systems, rooftop gardens and entertaining area along with in-house gymnasiums and fitness zones are some of the must-have features of apartments for sale to attract the people. Moreover, you can get more income by furnishing your apartments.

apartments for sale


As compared to houses, apartments for sale options are easy to maintain.

The management of the complex or apartments is responsible for the maintenance and utilities of the project. They do not only look after the shared amenities but are also responsible for repairing leaking pipes, water damage, seepage in the apartment units or wiring issues.


So, you won’t have to worry about fixing small issues. As the investor will most likely take care of such things with the minimal monthly or annual maintenance charges.


A piece of land usually takes ages for it to be developed. Documentations and NOC- issues can take years for the property to be available for possession. Even if you get the possession within a few years, completing the construction of your house can take a long time. Moreover, new housing societies are usually positioned on the outskirts.

Conversely, apartment projects are usually developed in a comparatively short period of time. Also, the possession is usually handed over within 2 or 3 years. It is also significant to mention that apartments are comparatively less expensive and can be bought on installment basis. Moreover, apartments are mostly located in well-populated areas.



In addition, one of the main reasons to invest in apartments for sale in Pakistan is their scalability factor. 

Due to higher demand, apartments are easier to sell. The luxury apartment complexes are usually placed away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Though, they are always well-connected to major residential and commercial hubs. Moreover, the location and condition also depend on increasing the value of apartments.

To put it simply, investing in an apartment complex can be a good choice for short term investment options.

Best option to get Apartments for sale:


The Hash Mall:

It is the largest project by the Hashi Group of Companies in Bahria Town Rawalpindi, offering a number of 1, 2 and 3-Bed Apartments to the investors. This mix 14 commercial plus residential complex has brought numerous opportunities for the people with higher returns. The Hash Mall is giving 0.7% rental yield on the investment. Furthermore, the project has come up with the prospect to upraise the living standard of the people.

Hash Residency:

It is another prominent and iconic wonder in Bahria Town Rawalpindi, it also offers 1, 2 and 3-Bed apartments for sale. Hash Residency brought amazing opportunities for those who want to invest in Apartments in the best location. This project is based on 7 commercial and residential floors in an ideal housing society. If you are looking for apartments for sale near Rawalpindi Islamabad, it is a best place to make your money safe.