3 Beds Apartment

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3 Beds Apartment

The Hash also offers 3-Bed large apartments that cover the area of 1342 sq. ft to 1353 sq. ft. on the top 14th floor. Most preferable for large families. There are 3,3 Beds Apartment on the 14th floor of the Mall. Having 3 rooms, 3 attached washrooms, Terrace, Kitchen, TV lounge, and laundry as well. The Apartments are fully furnished. These masterpieces give you the real fun of life as you ever dream. Moreover, these apartments are very comfortable for families. The rates of the apartments vary according to the sizes and floor plans. They offer the following amenities to the residents:

  •         Structure
  •         Kids Playing Area
  •         Jogging Track
  •         Special lifts for Residents
  •         Prime Location
  •         Food Court
  •         Cineplex
  •         Entertainment& SPA
  •         Separate Parking Area
  • Indoor Parks in the hash mall.

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